Cautionary installation tales

Number 1 – What’s happening at the connections?


This is no joke. We went to inspect a job and although fitted by a reportedly registered installer this customer had no idea that the gaffer tape holding the stove pipe to the flexible liner was a fire hazard. They also had no paperwork from the installer, no HETAS certificate, so no ability to complain.






This photo is the consequence of a chimney fire. Our customer had us install a stove for them and when the shared flue from next door caught fire a few months later, their first instinct was that our installation had changed something about how the flue worked. A quick examination down the neighbour’s pot showed that the poorly attached liner, from a pot hanger, had come loose and retreated, giving rise to a build-up of debris and the inevitable fire. Another registered installer not having issued a certificate and a lovely couple unable to find any redress for the danger and damage.


It’s really important that with any installation the customer has the certification to make sure that they are covered. It’s equally important that the installer remains contactable. One of the reasons we love having the shop is that customers feel they can come back and ask questions, double check things. We’re doing the job well, so that our customers are safe and cosy.